Beautiful Complexion


Learn from our expert makeup artists how to develop a skin regimen that is perfect for your skin type and your current skin condition. You will learn how to make your makeup appear as if it is your skin. Less is always more and it’s not about covering your complexion under a caked layer of makeup but about letting your natural beauty shine through!



What You Will Master

  • How to prep your skin properly to achieve a smooth complexion.
  • How to choose correct makeup formulas for your skin type.
  • How to obtain the correct colors for your skin complexion and how to properly mix foundations when your skin color is between shades.
  • How to use proper tools to apply foundation. From brushes, sponges, even fingertips. Basically all types of applicators!
  • How to cover imperfections / blemishes using the proper techniques!
  • How to care for your skin and why the importance of a good skin regimen will help you achieve beautiful complexion.


Private Makeup Lesson

Rate: $150 per student
30 day email coaching after lesson