Beauty Bag Makeover


Incorrect colors? Incorrect textures? Outdated makeup products? Don’t panic! We can give you and your beauty bag a total makeover. Refresh your makeup skills and clean your beauty bag all at once. Become organized and confident as you start your journey to learning the secrets of a makeup artist and applying the techniques to building up your own makeup kit.



What You Will Master

  • How to identify useful products in your beauty bag and get rid of useless products.
  • How to determine what shades are aging and dull and what shades will give you that youthful glow.
  • How to properly sanitize your beauty tools and products.
  • How to correctly apply a basic workday look, step by step.
  • How to understand the function of your brushes and proper use.
  • How to identify and add today’s must-have products to your makeup bag.


Private Makeup Lesson

Rate: $150 per student
30 day email coaching after lesson