Brush Time


Brush Time is an informative hour to get some insight on how to brush up on your application skills. Your beauty instructor will go into great detail about all the various brushes and demonstrate how to properly use them! We will teach you the best cleaning techniques to give you lasting results from well cared for makeup brushes! If you’re in need of a great set of makeup brushes, your beauty instructor will advise you on which makeup brushes you need to complete your kit.



What You Will Master

  • How to determine the difference between makeup brush shapes and sizes.
  • How to determine the difference between synthetic and natural brush hair.
  • How to determine which brush fiber is best for different makeup techniques.
  • How to sanitize and preserve your makeup brushes so they last for years.
  • How makeup brushes are manufactured.
  • How to pick the correct brushes for your kit.
  • How to properly use the basic 8 makeup brushes.
  • How to avoid common mishaps when using makeup brushes.


Private Makeup Lesson

Rate: $150 per student
30 day email coaching after lesson