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First birthday party for Wynn!

Hello Friends! Today I want to share with you some of my planning ideas for my little girl’s first birthday party!

When I started planning her first birthday, there were so many ideas that I found on Pinterest! I wanted to have an outdoor party, so I decided on a rustic chic unicorn theme. My theme colors were light pink, peach, gold and white.

On my desert table ( which we took the most pictures at ) I had a watercolor cake, a smash cake and some cake pops and cupcakes for the kids! I purchased some simple flowers from Whole Foods to decorate the cake and the tables. For some of the cupcake decorations, I got the cute unicorn stands from Etsy

Since it was an outdoor birthday party, so I planned some fun activities for the kids, such as face painting, duck fishing, and ring toss! The most important game was our traditional “Zhua Zhou” activity held on a child’s first birthday, which literally translates to “pick” and  “anniversary”. In the activity, objects are placed on a tray and the object the child picks can indicate his or her future career and personality traits. So Wynn picked a basketball ( daddy’s girl! ), so she will be a basketball player in the future!

I had the amazing Mendocino Farms cater our party! Their food was AMAZING, so light yet filling!

For our party favors, I got the mason jars from Target, spray painted all the unicorn toys I got from Amazon to white and hot glued them to the mason jars! Inside the Jar, I got some yogurt cookies from Trader Joes! They were so yummy! The kids loved it!

Even though it was a hot day, all the family and kids enjoyed our party! All the months of planning was a hot mess, but at the end was such a great memory! The party was also a celebration for mommy right?!