1) Wedding Day / Bride

Congratulations on your big day!

Exclusive Bridal Package Includes:

Personalized Design
One of Kelly Zhang’s professional and experienced artists will create a perfect makeup and hair look for your special day!

  • One makeup look and one hair look designed by one of our artists to complement your natural beauty and the style of your dress.
  • False lashes and application tailored to your eye shape and makeup style.
  • Customized foundation for your skin type and skin tone (includes airbrush upon request).

Event Support
An event coordinator will assist with corresponding with your makeup artist to book all of your makeup and hair appointments and organizing hair and makeup services for the bridal party.

A Personal Touch-up Kit
Keep your makeup and hair looking fresh all day long!

On Location Service
Complimentary 20 miles of round trip travel from Pasadena, CA.