01 beautif-[eye]

The classic smoky eye look: a sophisticated, sultry, and gorgeous eye makeup look that can captivate anyone’s attention! If you are interested in mastering this popular, timeless technique then this class is for you!



1) How to use the proper brushes based on your individual eye shape.

2) How to apply complimentary colors for your eye color and shape.

3) How to achieve a beautiful and gradual light to the dark smoky eye look, perfect for any time of the day.

Go from conservative and classy to chic and sassy or bump it up from daytime to playtime with several easy steps.

02 beautiful complexion

Learn from our expert makeup artists how to develop a skin regimen that is perfect for your skin type and your current skin condition. You will learn how to make your makeup appear as if it is your skin. Less is always more and it’s not about covering your complexion under a caked layer of makeup but about letting your natural beauty shine through!


1) How to prep your skin properly to achieve a smooth complexion.

2) How to choose correct makeup formulas for your skin type.

3) How to obtain the correct colors for your skin complexion and how to properly mix foundations when your skin color is between shades.

4) How to use proper tools to apply foundation. from brushes, sponges, even fingertips. basically all types of applicators!

5) How to cover imperfections/ blemishes using the proper techniques!

6) How to care for your skin and why the importance of a good skin regimen will help you achieve a beautiful complexion.

03 beauty bag makeover

Incorrect colors? Incorrect textures? Outdated makeup products? Don’t panic! We can give you and your beauty bag a total makeover. Refresh your makeup skills and clean your beauty bag all at once. Become organized and confident as you start your journey to learning the secrets of a makeup artist and applying the techniques to building up your own makeup kit.


1) How to identify useful products in your beauty bag and get rid of useless products.

2) How to determine what shades are aging and dull and what shades will give you that youthful glow.

3) How to properly sanitize your beauty tools and products.

4) How to correctly apply a basic workday look, step by step.

5) How to understand the function of your brushes and proper use.

6) How to identify and add today’s must-have products to your makeup bag.

04 diy bridal makeup

If you’re eager to learn how to create a beautiful bridal look yourself, then allow us to be of service to you! From delightful destination wedding looks to specialty weddings, this class will teach you how to recreate your desired look! With Kelly Zhang’s inspiration and her team’s guidance, you can achieve flawless, photogenic results! The combination of their professional advice, progressive and savvy makeup application tips are the tools you need to achieve a beautiful makeup look.


1) How to create timeless makeup looks that show up beautifully on camera.

2) How to differentiate between quality makeup that is suitable for your wedding from average makeup.

3) How to select the correct textures and shades for your complexion.

4) How to apply the right amount of makeup without overdoing it.

5) How to do a quick makeup change on your wedding day to achieve a different look.

6) How to create a makeup look that will have you glowing from your wedding day to your honeymoon.

05 brush time

Brush time is an informative hour to get some insight on how to brush up on your application skills. Your beauty instructor will go into great detail about all the various brushes and demonstrate how to properly use them! We will teach you the best cleaning techniques to give you lasting results from well cared for makeup brushes! If you’re in need of a great set of makeup brushes, your beauty instructor will advise you on which makeup brushes you need to complete your kit.


1) How to determine the difference between makeup brush shapes and sizes.

2) How to determine the difference between synthetic and natural brush hair.

3) How to determine which brush fiber is best for different makeup techniques.

4) How to sanitize and preserve your makeup brushes so they last for years.

5) How makeup brushes are manufactured.

6) How to pick the correct brushes for your kit.

7) How to properly use the basic 8 makeup brushes.

8) How to avoid common mishaps when using makeup brushes.

06 mommy to be

Become a group of new mommies and learn how to give your face a radiant glow through the art of makeup. We will focus on how to achieve a rested and simple, kid friendly look. You’ll be prepared for anything from play dates to a quick work meeting in the stroke of a brush! This class is a perfect gift for a beautiful mommy to be or a fun mommy getaway with some of her best gals!


1) How to get a fresh face in 5 minutes.

2) How to pick the correct products that give you that bright eyed and refreshed look.

3) How to simplify your daily routine to make your days easier.

4) How to correct dark and puffy eye circles.

5) How to improve your technique with hands-on application and guidance from your beauty expert.

6) How to use 4 basic makeup tools that will give you a beautiful mommy glow.

07 photogenic

Do you have a wedding or photoshoot planned but you’re not sure how to create a flattering makeup look? No worries, this class will help you put your makeup to great use. You will gain insight into some of the latest application techniques and learn what products will deliver picture-perfect results!


1) How to choose products that are camera friendly and which to avoid.

2) How to look better in snapshots.

3) How much makeup is enough for a photo-filled day.

4) How to blend makeup properly so it reads well on camera.

5) How to pick the most flattering shades for photos.

6) How to apply the right amount for a daytime shoot vs. an evening shoot.

7) How to choose the proper tools for a successful photo day.

8) How to take the perfect snapshots to post on your favorite social media site.

08 teenage beauty

Unsure of how to look your best and how to apply your makeup so it is age appropriate? We begin with your young face as your canvas and the proper methods to use for those fun and youthful years of life. Suitable for ages 13 to 18.


1) How to choose makeup formulas that are best for your skin and what amount to use properly for various occasions.

2) How to choose the right shades and textures that will emphasize your natural beauty.

3) How to apply the right amount of concealer, eye shadow and eyeliner.

4) How to properly sanitize brushes to protect your skin and makeup products from cross contamination when sharing with your friends.

5) How to properly groom your eyebrows to frame your face properly based on your eye and face shape.

09 timeless beauty

A makeup class for women that are in their 40s and above. Remember that age is simply a number  and with a few modifications to your beauty routine, you can really help reinvent your look. When it comes to makeup, give yourself the opportunity to take a new approach that will not limit your natural beauty based on your age.


1) How to identify products that will dull your complexion and steer clear from them to instead choose formulas, textures, and shades that promote youthful, vibrant, healthy looking skin.

2) How to come up with a makeup routine that’s best for your skin and apply it properly.